Pet Certificate Program begins tomorrow 10/18/16 @HVCC

Are you interested in a career with pet’s but don’t know where to start?
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These classes are presently taught in New York and Florida

Pet Certificate Program
The programs are offered online with pet business internships
Classes include internships to assist the student to develop knowledge and experience. The internships also help student network for employment
The course content includes: pet health and illness, communication, behavior management, safety, basic hygiene care for pets, and even writing a resume and preparing for an interview. This course will further your knowledge and skills through course lectures, guest speaker and hands-on internships experiences. Those who successfully complete this unique program will have specialized education and experience that gives them an advantage in the pet field. Internships can be a good source for students to network for experience and employment. The instructor will assist you in securing the necessary internships to complete the certificate.