Estate Planning

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Welcome to Pet Estates Inc. We are excited to share our vision with you. Having been in the pet business for many years and knowing how much we love our pets, we’ve learned that there is a need to plan for care of pets in the event of death or illness. It is quite possible for your pet to become homeless, euthanized, or forgotten. For most pet lovers, like us, this is not an acceptable destiny for our pets. I do not encourage euthanizing a healthy pet. We feel there are always other options. We are willing to offer pets here at Pet Estates Inc. a lifestyle that will fill their days with the love and attention that they deserve.

What we offer here at Pet Estates Inc. is a sanctuary for pets. We are the only private small facility offering this service to pets and their owners.

Here at Pet Estates Inc. we offer your pet a quality lifestyle, when you can no longer care for him or her. This is always a concern for those who love their pets. Pet Estates Inc. is now offering trusts for pets that can be prepared by legal documents to assure that our clients’ wishes for their pets’ care will be carried out.

Our focus is to provide a loving, clean, healthy, safe and social environment for your beloved pet. We offer the following estate plans to fit your wishes, such as remaining on our estates for a lifetime, private or group living arrangements or placement to a private home

W e are located in the hills of Rensselaer County , which is only 20 minutes from downtown Albany , New York and Albany International Airport . we established a successful boarding and grooming facility in 1991, offering quality pet care and services for both our clients and their pets. Our homestead is located on the property that consists of 7 acres surrounded by a private farmland and a private sports club. This also helps us to maintain security; safety, and meet your pet’s individual needs and maintain the consistent love and attention that they are accustomed to.

Our estates pets will be allowed to socialize and play outside on the premises throughout the day. Playtime includes swimming, boating, hiking and many other outside & inside activities. Senior citizens are welcome for visitation, which is therapeutic to both pets and seniors.

Hygiene is important for your pet. Grooming is maintained on a regular basis.

Living arrangements are all custom designed to enhance the lifestyle of your pets. Condo units overlooking pond includes enclosed porch, living quarters, and play area, providing your family’s pets with the comforts of home. Condos include a TV and VCR , for daily viewing of pets and family videos. Pets can relax to music from the stereo along with their heated beds.

At Pet Estates Inc., your pets well-being comes first!
That is why veterinarian services are available 24 hours, 7 days a week.