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Because Pet Estates / Merry Lynn Kennels is a pet resort and not a kennel, we are different from your average boarding facility. Pets are not placed in a chain link cage but rather a home environment. You are able to choose from several accommodations – suites, condo units, bunkhouse or townhouses. This enables you to select where your pet will be most comfortable so that they can enjoy their vacations while you enjoy yours.

Pet Sitting vs. Boarding

Many pet owners are choosing to have a pet-sitter come to their home rather than take their pets to a boarding facility. At Pet Estates, we feel that it is very important to make sure to leave pet care to the professionals in a professional facility. Pets staying with us are stimulated with constant care throughout the day instead of being visited just two or three times. They are never alone. Constant care allows us to monitor your pet closely for health issues that may go missed if a pet sitter is only checking in during the day. Our facility also strongly reduces the incidence of escape factor that may be high when someone is entering and leaving your house several times per day. We give your pet an opportunity to enjoy a fun-filled vacation.

Arrival Information

We mandate that all pets be on lead or in a carrier to prevent escape or injury. Upon arrival you will be asked to fill out a registration form with all contact information and pertinent information regarding our care of the pet as well as a release for veterinary treatment if the pet becomes sick. If your pet is on medication or vitamins, we will be happy to administer it (at an additional cost). Please make sure that the medication is labeled properly and that you provide us with clear instructions on how to administer and the reason for the medication.

When possible, we permit our customers set up their pet in the accommodations that they have selected, which is beneficial to both the pets and the owners. Please note, however, that this service is not always available if we are very busy.

No pets will be admitted without a copy of their vaccination records. The following are Pet Estate’s vaccination requirements:


  • Rabies
  • DHLPP (Distemper)
  • Bordatella (Kennel Cough) is recommended but not required


  • FVRCP (Distemper)
  • Rabies
  • Leukemia is recommended but not required

If fleas or ticks are found on any pet, they will be given a flea bath at the owner’s expense.

We do provide Pedigree brand wet and dry food, however we encourage you to bring you dog’s own food, especially if he or she has any food allergies or a sensitive stomach. Please bring all food in a labeled, plastic container (no bags, please). We also encourage you to bring your pet’s bed, one or two toys or a favorite treat to make their stay more comfortable. We remind you, however, that Pet Estates is not responsible for any lost or damaged items.

Your pet’s health and safety is important to us when they are under our care. If your pet becomes ill while staying with us we will have your pet seen by either our veterinarian or yours if possible. Owners will be responsible for the veterinarian. bill.. There will be a $60.00 charge for this transport service.


Monday – Saturday  9am – 10 am
4pm – 5pm

Closed Sundays and Holidays

Off season hours are by appointment only

Hours are strictly enforced

Tours by appointment only


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Here at Pet Estates we have no hidden costs. Frequent playtime and feeding is included in your price.

  • Suites
    Private bedrooms that include a community living room, play yard and kitchen area for pets to use individually. With suite set-ups in three separate buildings of the Pet Estates Village , we are able to place your pet where they will be most comfortable during their stay. These accommodations are quiet and low stress for your pet.
    Rates: $39. per calendar day, $39. for each additional pet in the same suite.
  • Bunkhouse

    Ranch-style accommodation with enclosed front and rear porch, bedroom/kitchen area with pet bed and living room with TV/ VCR . Located on top of the hill over-looking the Pets Estates Village .
    Rates: $49 pet calendar day, $49. for each additional pet in the same bunkhouse.
  • Condos

    Our private rustic Adirondack-style, country furnished cottages with a pond-side view feature an enclosed front porch and attached outside private play area. The inside living area features a kitchenette with microwave and refrigerator , VCR and TV and raised, heated bed. Excellent for households with several dogs, shy pets, or high stress pets that have difficulty boarding in a kennel environment. Cats are also welcome in these fully-enclosed condos where they can safely play in an outdoors environment with a kitty gym, sandbox and aquarium.
    Rates: $49. per calendar day, $49. for each additional pet in the same condo.
  • Townhouse

    One and two bedroom country furnished apartment accommodations with a doggie door leading to private attached outdoor play yard with a waterfront view. Includes living room furniture, TV/ VCR , kitchenette with microwave and refrigerator and pet beds. Accommodations are suited for dogs as well as cats and are great for households with multiple pets Excellent for households with several dogs, shy pets, or high stress pets that have difficulty boarding in a kennel environment.
    Rates: $57. pet calendar day, $55. for each additional pet in the same townhouse.

Prices may change without notice.

Optional Services

  • Extra Playtime
    Although playtime is included in all our pricing, sometimes your pet may need that little extra to help make his or her vacation more enjoyable. Many pets have a lot of energy that we cannot let go to waste. We offer extra playtime in one of our several large yards with a one on one pet pal. Playtime includes frisbee on our pond with a weenie roast in the fall months, ball playing and time to run free in our secure play yards during winter.
  • Swimming
    (click here to view our swimming page)Our swim sessions are monitored by our pet pals in our beautiful enclosed pond with peaceful water fountain If pets do not favor swimming they still LOVE to romp and play with our pet pals in this extra large play area. Many times we find that they will become swimmers with encouragement from their pet pal! Swimming is relaxing and tires many of our high energy dogs out. It is also great for our old arthritic dogsRate is $12.00/ ½ hour, $20.00/ hourPet owners may given a complimentary picture of their pets
    We also make the pond available for you to book swim time even if you are not boarding. Enjoy spending some quality time with your pet in our safe, enclosed environment while relaxing by the pond – it’s as much a treat for you as it will be for them! Rates are $25.00 per hour and are by appointment only.
  • Transportation
    Don’t let distance keep you pet from enjoying the luxury of our country-setting resort! Pet Estates will provide transport services to and from your home or a designated area. One way transportation is also available – wouldn’t it be nice to have your pet dropped off at your door after a long vacation? Transportation is available for boarding, grooming or daycare. Rates vary according to distance.
  • Daily E-mail Reports with Pictures and Video
    Emails with pictures or video clips are offered via e-mail with a progress report on your pet’s stay on a daily basis if requested.Email with Pictures $10.00/ day.
    Email with Video $15.00/day
  • Grooming
    Grooming is available for cats or dogs while boarding or you may schedule an appointment. All grooming includes bath with shampoo and conditioning, nails trimmed, ears cleaned, anal glands emptied and a fluff dry and brush out. Medicated Baths, Flea and Tick Baths and Skunk Baths are available and we offer several shampoos to choose from. Prices vary according to temperament, breed and condition of the coat. It is imperative that shots are up to date when grooming. We try to make sure that we groom your dog as close to pick up as possible, so it is important when you schedule a groom to let us know exactly when you will be arriving to pick up your pet.
  • Obedience Training
    Obedience training sessions are offered while boarding. We will help with what you need for behavioral problems or go over basic commands (sit, stay, down, etc). You will be able to meet with the trainer or get a written report on your pet’s progress and tips for practice at home. Rates are $25 per session.

Day of Discharge

Because we are a small facility that is based on quality care and not volume, we ask that you be sure of your dates before scheduling boarding time. Deposits are non refundable.

We accept cash, personal checks, or traveler’s checks. We do not accept out of state checks or credit cards. There is a $60.00 charge for returned checks. Because we are a small facility that based on quality and not volume, we ask that you be sure of your dates before scheduling boarding time. You are responsible for the time that you book. Please call to let us know if you are going to pick up your pet earlier than planned, especially if you are having them groomed or bathed.

We know that you will be very anxious to see your pet when you return but we are sure that you will find it is easier to settle your bill before we bring your pet out to you. Pets will not be discharged until the bill is paid in full. Most pets are very excited and it makes it very difficult to handle your paper work while they demand your attention. Remember, all pets must be on lead and under control on the premises. Don’t forget to bring your leash and collar back with you, as we usually give them back to you at the time of drop off to prevent them being lost. We also ask that you check in at the desk and do not assume that you can enter pet area without permission.

If you know that your pet gets carsick, please let us know and we will be sure not to feed him/her right before you will be picking up to avoid sickness.

Pet Estates always provides your pet with plenty of fresh water. Please do not give your pet access to a lot of water or food when they arrive home. Although you may think that your pet is very thirsty, in actuality it is anxiousness and excitement that makes your pet gorge on food and water. This could cause vomiting and diarrhea , so we encourage you to allow your pet to settle at home for a while before giving him or her any food or water.

If you experience any problems or have any questions please feel free to call 518-663-5732 .