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Our swim sessions are monitored by our pet pals in our beautiful enclosed pond with a peaceful water fountain If pets do not favor swimming they still LOVE to romp and play with our pet pals in this extra large enclosed play area. Many times we find that they will become swimmers with encouragement from their pet pal! This is relaxing and tires many of our high energy dogs out. It is also great for our old arthritic dogs.

Rate is $12.00/ ½ hour, $20.00/ hour

Pet owners may be given a complimentary picture of their pets

We also make the pond available for you to book swim time even if you are not boarding. Enjoy spending some quality time with your pet in our safe, enclosed environment while relaxing by the pond – it’s as much a treat for you as it will be for them! Rates are $25.00 per hour and are by appointment only.