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During our years of commercial pet boarding since 1990 we have reconsidered what pet enclosures should be and what benefit they should provide to your pet. The age-old kennel environment which employs cages, side by side chain link kennels and exercise pens has countless negative aspects that include deafening noise, warehousing pets and of course the animal stress which is associated with depression, colitis, fence fighting, and misguided anxiety aggression. These affects are not limited to just the animal residents but to employees caring for the pets as well, thus creating in many instances a high employee turnover rate.

Throughout the course of correcting these situations we have been forced to think outside the box of the pre-existing kennel business. We have reconsidered the financial needs of maintaining a standard kennel based on volume. In doing so we can prove how the same amount of income can be transformed into half of the volume of boarders. The benefits of our plan include a great reduction in overhead cost and a reduction of employee turnover coupled with few employees required to staff the operation.

Through our design process , we can design our accommodations that are both pleasing to the human eye and more importantly will provide low-stress, sanitary pet living environments that are home-like and noise-free. Our design takes into consideration not only the comfort of you pet, but more importantly the safety and security aspects of the pet’s environment. These accommodations can be built new or added as a conversion from pre-existing buildings or kennels at a personal location or a business site. We are available to review and make recommendations to your business in order to further the comfort of pets, pet owners and your employees. In addition, our designs are available for private homeowners who want their pets to be comfortable while they are at work or who may not be able to keep pets in the home due to allergies or other unforeseen circumstances.

Our concept and design process is not limited just to the physical changes of the building units but touches on psychological aspects and layouts of the design to ensure a well thought out, mistake-free design which, in the long run, will help eliminate corrective problems and cost. In other words, we do it right the first time. Our concept includes using the newest portable and most durable materials on the market creating less intensive construction cost and waste reduction. We research the raw materials and wholesale products located in your region. This results in getting the most for your money. These materials and services can be used in your design and landscape of your new facility, creating yet another cost savings to you. Our design also reduces the cleaning and sanitation needs of your operation. Your operation will then transfer from volume marketing to quality pet care. This will enable you to set your pricing and fees at a much different level. It also creates a whole new subsidizing income to your operation. We will show you how create the perks and options that clients want for their pets. Our enclosures are secure and still have the beauty of a home environment. Our focus in these consultations emphasizes strategies that work within your individual situation, which is why we provide the following services:

Project Management

Pet Estates provides a wide range of services to help your project meet your criteria. Our expertise on building pet accommodations offers your team practical insights for an efficient, cost-effective project. Complete condo sutes units can be built on your site or shipped to your site.

Facility Management Support

Pet Estates works with your facilities team to identify and implement opportunities to convert your space into a healthier, more productive environment for pets and employees.

Workshops and Training

Pet Estates offers training on multiple aspects of managing a specialty kennel productively for both pets and employees, facility managers and developers.

Our staff works with teams to incorporate high-performance measures at a project’s inception or explore new opportunities in an ongoing project.

Consulting Services
Initial 3 hour consultation – $500.

The Pet Estates Inc. Formula

Condo Cottage Payback Potential

  • Size of Building: 12X18 ft.
  • Unit Cost: $30,240.00
  • Annual Gross Payback: 18.00 months
  • Bi-Net Profit Payback: 36.0 months
  • * Gross Formula based on 1 pet at $55.00 per day x 31 calendar days =$1,705 gross $1,705 x 18.00 months = $30690.00 gross. Net Profit Formula based on 50% off gross income

2 Bedroom Townhouse Building Payback Potential

Size of Building: 12X18 ft.

  • Unit Cost: $30,240.00
  • Annual Gross Payback: 12.2 months
  • Bi-Net Profit Payback: 24.4 months
  • * Gross Formula based on 2 pets at $80.00 per day x 31 calendar days = $2,480 gross
  • $2,480 x 12.2 months = $30,256.00 gross. Net Profit Formula based on 50% off gross income

4 Bedroom Suite Building Payback Potential

  • Size of Building: 12X24 ft.
  • Unit Cost: $40,320.00
  • Annual Gross Payback: 9.3 months
  • Bi-Net Profit Payback: 18.6 months
  • * Gross Formula based on 4 pets at $140.00 per day x 31 calendar days = $4,340 gross
  • $4,340 x 9.3 months = $40,362.00 gross. Net Profit Formula based on 50% off gross income

Payback Potential of the Proposed 3 buildings
(Including the condo cottage, townhouse, & suite)

  • Unit Cost: $100,800.00
  • Annual Gross Payback: 12 months
  • Bi-Net Profit Payback: 24 months
  • *Gross Formula based on 7 pets at $275 per day x 31 calendar days = $8,525 gross
  • $8,525 x 12 months = $102,300. Bi-Net Profit Payback based on 50% off gross income

Note: The payback formulas outlined above are based on Pet Estates, Inc. business experience. Other factors may alter the potential payback for each building such as clientele, location, service, etc. These formulas are based on the minimal pet occupation, multiple pets and overlaps (same day in same day out) will greatly increase income and shorten pay back factors.

Prices are subject to change after 2010